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The advanced driver assistance system is comprised of adaptive, automated, monitoring, and warning technologies

ADAS features rely on several sensors, and cameras to collect data from your vehicles surroundings. This information is used to alert the driver of perceived dangers, or engage one of the many driving assist functions. A few examples of these functions include adaptive cruise control, collision warning, and adaptive headlights.

The primary goal of ADAS is to decrease accidents, and improve driver safety. When your vechicle needs ADAS recalibration, you can trust our team of experts at Advance Auto Glass Houston to keep you and your passengers safe. Our certified technicians follow OEM standards to be sure your Houston ADAS recalibration is done right

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Why is ADAS Calibartion Important?

The sensors in which ADAS rely on to function properly, are highly sensitive. Any collision,
including minor fender benders, and vehicle modifications, such as windshield replacement, can cause these sensors to malfunction. Safety features such as blind spot detection, collision avoidance, lane departure warning, lane change assistance, automatic emergency braking, and parking assist, will have delayed reaction times. There are two methods used for ADAS calibration.

Static calibration involves the use of specialized tools and precise measurements. Dynamic calibration requires your vehicle to be driven according to OEM specifications.Typically these methods are used in conjunction, for optimal performance. Both static and dynamic calibration aim to keep your ADAS functioning at factory settings. Trust the professionals at Adavance Auto Glass Houston, TX to keep your advanced driver assistance system up to date.

When to Have your ADAS recalibrated?

Anytime your vehicle is in an accident, the sensors are disrupted, especially if the air bags are deployed. To keep sensors accurate, have your ADAS recalibrated after windshield repair or replacement, wheel alignment, tire changes, balance and rotation, brake maintantience, or removal of the front/rear bumper. These are all areas of your vehicle where a senor or camera may be located.
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Your vehicles manual can also be a reference for when to have your advanced driver assistance system calibrated. If your looking for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems calibration in Houston, visit our Houston Auto Glass Company.
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